No Title


The Dragon Turn


Shane Peacock

Original Author:

Arthur Conan Doyle


Tundra Books


The Boy Sherlock Holmes

Release date:

October 2011

Main Characters

Sherlock, Irene, Beckie, Bell, Hemsworth, Riyah

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User:Kate WintesEdit

Sherlock Holmes is perhaps the most famous detective in mystery fiction. Now Shane Peacock tells the story before Watson and 221B Baker street. Sherlock as a young boy and a young man. He continues the story in his fifth book of the series Dragon Turn, in which Sherlock goes up against those almost as gifted in deception as he is in deduction. Magicians. It was published on October 11 2011 by Tundra Books.

After the fatal results of the Spring Heeled Jack case, Sherlock is determined too assist the police only as an advisor, so as not to hurt the people he cares about. But when Mr Hemsworth, a magician famous for his dragon illusion is arrested, Irene begs Sherlock to prove his innocence. But there is far more to this case than meets the eye and he suspects that he may be guilty after all. Deception, trickery and a young man with a gift for unravelling them makes for a thrilling ride, with an ending that very few would suspect.

The themes in this book are much more than deceit and deduction. It revolves not just around mystery and intrigue but more characterized issues such as honour. Sherlock is not without pride, he's hates admitting he's wrong. But what if by keeping it intact and withholding information from the police, a murder goes free? Sherlock most make a terrible choice. If he can only save one from a terrible death, who would it be; Irene Doyle or Beckie?

This is a brilliant book which holds true to the style of both the original series and the previous books. Has Sherlock finally met his match? Read and find out.