The Goddess Test


The Goddess Test


Aimee Carter


Harlequin Teen


The Goddess Test Series

Release date:

April 29 2011

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User: Kate WintersEdit

"Win immortality or die trying or..."
— The Goddess Test Blurb

Greek mythology is interestingly often featured in fiction. Aimee Cater's 'The Goddess Test' published by Harlequin Teen is the best of such books I have ever read. She breathes life into these vivid characters in way that makes them seem real, with human faults and virtues and love. Above all else this novel is a story of love.

The Goddess Test follows the young Kate Winters, a young woman whose mother is dying of cancer. They move to Eden per her mothers wish and there she meets Henry, a mysterious young man with strange powers. After he revives a young girl from the dead  Kate agrees to taken a series of tests. During this time her Mother's life would be sustained and if she won, Kate would become immortal and the Queen of the Underworld. But eleven girls have been tested before her and none ever lived to fail.

This book is absolutely brilliant and I locked myself away from the outside world until I finished it. It has a perfect balanced of fantasy,drama and yes romance which caught me hook line and sinker. The book raises many issues, from arranged marriage and the effect it has to what can motivate a person to murder eleven girls in cold blood. One of the very best parts of The Goddess Test is that it reminded of absolutely nothing else. It is original and completely unique. My previous conceptions about Greek mythology have been shattered and I encourage anyone with a taste for fantasy or mythology or romance to buy this book immediately and delve into a world never before seen by human eyes. - Kate Winters Queen of the Underworld (talk) 22:42, January 8, 2013 (UTC)